Why volunteer ?

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

Why volunteer in Costa Rica?


Costa Rica, the LAND OF PURA VIDA (“pure life”) is a small country with a huge appeal.

Costa Rica is a tropical country located between two oceans. Due to a complex geography there is a diverse climatic condition that creates diferent and diverse areas of life, ranging from tropical dry forest to the desert. While there is no defined seasons and weather conditions remain relatively stable throughout the year, slight changes occur as time “Summer” (dry season) or “winter” “(rainy season). This is usually from December to April and May to November.The average temperatures  vary between 14 to 28°C.


Since, 1948 the country doesn’t have an army. Costa Rica has invested in more than 50 years in tourism. Tourism has become the most important income for the country. Compared to other countries, Costa Rica has promoted through EDUCATION AND RESPECT for nature a responsible and ecological tourism. ECOTOURISM projects are increasingly present in the country, encouraging people to take awareness to value NATURE and their ethnic CULTURE AND HISTORY


The climatic diversity of Costa Rica and conservation policies developed by the state for years, make this country a NATURAL PARADISE. In fact, more than a quarter of the country is national parkland, comprising varied environments from tropical rainforest and soft, sandy beaches to volcanoes and mountainous terrain. Such DIVERSITY OF ECOSYSTEMS give shelter to numerous species of flora and fauna.


In its little more than 51,000 square kilometers, accounting for 0.03% of the planet’s surface, it is approximately 5% OF GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY. Wild areas host about 13,000 types of plants; more than 2,000 kinds of day and 4,500 moths; 175 amphibians, 225 reptiles, 250 mammals; 1,600 freshwater and saltwater fish; and more than 890 birds among others (IUCN, 2014).

However, Costa Rica is still evolving  and needs new skills, new ideas,

Why volunteer in Macaw Lodge?

If you want to join us, you can come as a volunteer or for an internship for long or short term.

First of all, joining Macaw Lodge you will be part of a 30-year project which is trying to be self-sufficient and sustainable. You will participate in responsible projects (that you’ll previously plan them with the Coordinator) that would respond to your expectations and experience.

You are going to learn, gain plenty of experience and for sure teach us a lot too! Even if you are part of one project,  you will also learn about other projects and you will meet a lot of people with experience in different areas.

You will not even imagine how many skills you are going to win without realizing it.

You will have the opportunity to train on a variety of themes all taking into consideration your interests as a volunteer. At the end of your program, you’ll obtain a diploma certifying your participation.

Your level of Spanish is certainly going to improve!!

Also, on your free time you will be able to enjoy all of Macaw Lodge, including walks in the forest, gardens, the waterfall, yoga deck, birdwatching, night walks etc!

You will live next to a small village called Las Delicias where you will find a lot of people working at the lodge. You will discover the typical meals of Costa Rica, their culture and more!

On your free days you will be able to enjoy the surroundings  in Costa Rica. The beach is just 45 minutes from the lodge, we are two hours from Manuel Antonio’s park and beaches, three hours from Arenal’s Volcano.

You will always have support of the Volunteer Program Coordinator. The Coordinator will be in contact (via email or skype)  before your arrival to plan your projects, will welcome you at the airport and will be available for you during all your stay in Macaw Lodge..

Contact us, ask us anything, we are here for you and make your volunteering an unforgettable experience!

You will have an entire Costa Rica and Macaw Lodge experience.
Take a look to our projects and CONTACT US!