Sustainable Agriculture

Looking for solutions for sustainable living?  You want to learn sustainable agriculture? You have some experience in sustainable agriculture techniques? You have to make a specific study on sustainable agriculture?

Any of these reasons, write us!

Depending on the time of the year you can participate in these projects which we are currently working:

  • Agroforestry projects:

Cocoa Plantations:

Since 2012 we began growing our plantations and today we have more than 5 acres of  COCOA. It’s a crop that can integrate two ecosystems which achieves a sustainable crop. This is a functional agroforestry system where everything that man is doing, not only gives cocoa, but it’s enriching the ecosystem.

In the end of 2015, we started producing our own chocolate and offering a tour to visitors where they can discover the plantations, the process and to taste the ancestral cacao drink.

You can join us to harvest, plant, process cocoa, crop maintenance, create signs, learn about agroforestry in Macaw.

Coffee Plantations: harvesting, planting,  processing of coffee, crop maintenance,create signs or documents to educate, learn about agroforestry

  • Permaculture:

Come and learn an example of an ecological design system. Permaculture is an approach  to finding solutions for sustainability. You will learn in a scale of Macaw Lodge, but it will also give you  an approach to answer some questions as ” How do I decrease my own ecological footprint?” ” How do I grow my own food instead of relying on commercial food supply and all its vices?”” How do I start doing my first step to make a difference in my day routine at home”

You will have the opportunity to get a first experience in functional greenhouses, various plantations (vegetables, fruits, herbs), organic fertilizer, biotechnology. Learn the different techniques, daily maintenance, moon cycles, pruning etc.

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  • Apiculture

We started a project with Melipona bees. The “Xunan kab” (honey fly) in Mayan language. It’s a stinglees bee originating from Mexico. It does not itch, not migrate and is very resistant to certain pests of honey bees. On the other hand, it is less productive than Apis mellifera and has often been neglected because of this.

We want to produce our own honey with this local species. The ancient Maya had extensive knowledge of entomology and specific techniques of honey culture with native bees. We want to transmit them locally as to our visitors. We want to defend in a certain way Mayan traditions by integrating this project in Macaw Lodge’s ecotourism projects.

  • Several projects in view

–   Participate in the beginning of aquaponics

–  Help us create products with ACAI, dehydrate fruits and more