Macaw Lodge and Finca

imgp7175Macaw Lodge and reserve is located in los Cerros de Turrubares  between two life zones, the dry tropical forest and the humid pre-montane forest. These bioclimatic landscape conditions invite a huge diversity of species of plants and animals to settle in.

The beginning

In the 1980s the Gordienko family purchased el Santuario de Macao. Since, this farm of 100 hectares, today Macaw Lodge and its Private Forest Reserve has not stopped growing and evolving.

At that time, in the area the land was devoted to monotonous agriculture crops that led to erosion and depletion of natural resources. The Gordienko family had another vision for Santuario Macao, and they started reestablishing habitats, reforesting, and welcoming a thriving population of birds, insects, amphibians and mammals. They focused on the charismatic Scarlett Macaw planting their favorite fruits and trees, to have them nest and feed in the Reserve. Today on the period of October, we have red trees with a permanent concert, and the forests are a vital year-round source of food for hundreds of birds, mammals and insects.

It must be highlighted that the restoration of the land by damage of monotonous agricultural crops was possible with a government program of Forestry Investment.

Since, the aim of Santuario Macao changed completely. The need to share and allow people to discover this working model of sustainability, the botanical gardens, the beautiful waterfall, the forest and its biodiversity, it culminated to the creation of Macaw Lodge.

Macaw Lodge

In 2011, Macaw Lodge was opened.

Macaw Lodge was built in harmony with the environment. It was built with wood from three sources:

Plantation Wood

 The walls and floors of the rooms are made of steward02teak, the furniture in the rooms and the restaurant are made of melina almost all by local craftsmen. The bamboo was also used for furniture and walls.

Recycled Wood

It comes from light and telephone polesdiscarded by the energy company to replace them with concrete poles. They form the structure that supports the second floor of the ecolodge.

Recovered Wood

After the tropical storm Thomas in 2010, trees uprooted and dragged to the river banks of the Tarcoles River were recovered and also used for the construction

The lodge’s floor and bathrooms are made of marble extracted from an outcrop of limestone in the area; the marble was polished on site. The lodge’s ceilings are plastic, most of it recycled.

The Lodge is 100% off the grid, all thesustainability03 energy comes from solar panels. The entire electrical system was designed to optimize the use of solar energy (solar refrigerator, solar water heaters, solar fans etc). The only energy that we buy coming outside of the lodge is gas for the kitchen but we try to alternate with wood stove. The firewood comes from the forest plantations. In the future, we are hoping to produce our own gas from a biodigester.

To reduce our energy demand, we installed LED lights and low voltage ceiling fans.

The water comes from the property’s natural springs and is treated without the use of harmful12819408_779004962229416_3224330090845912453_o.jpg chemicals for the use in the Lodge and cabins. We use a closed system with sewage sent to a bio-digester and grey water going to a water bed and reused for irrigation. All the toilets are dual-flush, dry urinals and low-flow shower heads.

The goal for Macaw Lodge is to reach a completeself-sufficiency and being sustainable at the same time. That’s why we grow our own food for the Lodge, produce organic fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, cocoa and coffee. We use sustainable agriculture practices including: hydroponics, aquaponics, mixed crops, composting and vermiculture.

Our mission

The aim of Macaw Lodge is to invite anyone who loves nature or wants to discover how to live in harmony with nature and enjoy a new and unforgettable experience.

Macaw Lodge wants to create awareness, teach and inspire environmental conservation through mindful and sustainable practices.

The volunteer program is a big project for us, because we are opening our doors to anyone who wants to learn and exchange knowledge.

We believe and love what we do and we are sure that little by little we can make a change!