Is Nature your passion? 

Are you studying ecology? biology? conservation? ecotourism? Sustainable development?


Richard Coles; 2016

As explained in Projects, many of our projects in Macaw Lodge are born of the purpose of preserving Costa Rica’s and Macaw Lodge’s biodiversity. Here are some examples of the projects we are working on.

Share with us your interests, topics for your internships, studies you can and want to contribute. Surely we’ll find the appropriate project for YOU!

  • Biodiversity studies:

Macaw Lodge retain a huge biodiversity of birds, insects and amphibians. We would like to learn more about the different species present in Macaw, their behavior, their importance, their role and update our list of each.

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  • Pollinators project:

–  We started a project with Melipona bees. It’s a stingless bee, originating from Mexico. We want to produce our own honey with local species. The ancient Maya had extensive knowledge of entomology and specific techniques of honey culture with native bees. We want to transmit it locally as to our visitors.

–  Did you study or are studying ecology specialized in social insects or apiculture?

  • Agroforestry projects

–  Since 2012 we began planting the first Macaw hectares of COCOA. Today we have more than 5 hectares. It’s a crop that can integrate two ecosystems which achieves to a sustainable crop. This is a functional agroforestry system where everything that man is doing, not only gives cocoa, but it’s enriching the ecosystem.

In the end of 2015, we started producing our own chocolate and offering a tour for visitors where they can discover the plantations, the process and to taste the ancestral cacao drink.

 –  We also started the plantation of Coffee, and started producing for the lodge.

  • Compost, recycling and solar energy:

The lodge works only with solar panel’s energy and we have a system for compost and recycling, but new techniques and ideas are always welcome!

If you are doing your PhD your are welcome to contact us!
  • Various projects:

–  In raining season, Macaw Lodge is a constant and lowdy concert. We need amphibian’s experts, and maybe try doing nocturnal tours?

–  Guiding birdwatching tours.

–  Reforestation

–  And more! Just ask us!

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