Do you have a background in tourism, ecotourism? Do you like to be in contact with clients? Would you like to be a guide?

Macaw Lodge started as a hotel just 3 years ago, so there’s always a lot to improve, and new and fresh ideas are always very helpful!

  • Administration, cleanning, reception and restaurant.

You will be our ambassador, representing Macaw lodge and our values.

Depending on the season we may need help in this diferent areas.

  • Guide

–  In the majority of our projects, we have the priority to  share our work to the visitors by creating tours that may be of interest to the public. Our goal is to educate, entertain, motivate and  to raise awareness to the important current issues impacting sustainable tourism.

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  • Kitchen and restaurant:

–   Learn and bring your experience in the kitchen of Macaw Lodge. Our recipes are a mix of healthy Costa Rican, Latin and International recipes. We try to use everything coming from La Finca. You will be working with our gifted Chef.

  • Marketing:

–   Graphic designer