Casona: Volunteer’s House


La Casona is a 50 year old house. La Casona is located next to Las Delicias de Turrubares, a little town of almost 200 inhabitants.

In this house many people from the area lived for periods, couples who started their family life, older people, Macaw Lodge workers and more. The Casona has been renovated several times to the tastes of each renter.

This special house, is next to the village but at the same time in the middle of the forest with a lot of forest around, a small stream, a lot of space to imagine thousands of projects to do!

As of January 2017, the Casona began a drastic change. All workers at Macaw Lodge, the manager of La Finca, the Volunteer program Coordinator, worked for two months renovating the house for Volunteers. It was hard work !  But the motivation, good mood, laughs, stories, and love of this new begining project, were the tools for them to come everyday and give the best of themselves.

Every step was very important:

Choose the right paint, fix the floor ….

Fix the ceiling, the walls…

Renovate the kitchen……

Define details and install furniture made at Macaw Lodge….

La Casona received its first volunteer on April 2, 2017. Today La Casona is the home of 5 volunteers.

Recipe? Motivation, hard work, good mood and LOVE


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